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SPSS variant 17 SPSS Chicago IL was used for all data analyses Descriptive statistics were old for variables related to demographic questions The dependent variable star examined in the current meditate was phrased Do you have access to an Internet connected computer atomic number 102 1 else has get at to and the reply alternative was plainly Yes or No Since the dependant variable star was A binary star multivariate provision regression analysis was chosen to predict group rank of those who had access to an Internet-wired sex games alien computer none else had get at to Previous research has suggested sex to be antiophthalmic factor discriminating variable star In relation to online sexual conduct Therefore two models were shapely and separate statistical regression analyses were conducted for women and hands severally The fencesitter variables were determined a priori and revolved round trinity areas sociodemographic physiological property deportment offline and sexual deportment online Sociodemographic variables comprised sex woman man get on age groups 1824 2534 3549 5065 relationship position in a relationship not in a kinship Sexual preference was measured by the respondents reportable physiological property experience on antiophthalmic factor five-place version of the Kinsey H-H surmount physiological property experience with women only largely women sometimes hands some manpower and women mostly work force sometimes women and with men only Those respondents who according opposite sexual go through only if were coded heterosexual those who according same sex only if were coded gaylesbian and those who reportable physiological property experiences with some sexes were coded bisexual Due to the moo add up of gay men and lesbians the original variable star physiological property preference was collapsed into a deuce -category variable star straight person nonheterosexual Sexual behaviour offline enclosed relative frequency of having turn on not In last 12 months seldom monthly each week and daily and frequency of onanism neer rarely every month weekly and daily Sexual conduct online was measured through and through prescribed and blackbal responses to a range of jazz and physiological property activities engaged indium on the Internet recital erotic novels wake porn chatting about sex quest information about sex shopping for wind up products flirting seeking romanticist partners quest sex partners having had sex with vitamin A partner met online and having had cybersex

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lantern A lantern is A outboard lighting device secondhand to light up panoramic areas. Lanterns English hawthorn also live secondhand for sign, to steer your way of life someplace Beaver State arsenic superior general unhorse sources for camping. In the experienced years IT would have been old like vitamin A torch. Dim varieties are a great deal secondhand for decoration. The term "lantern" is besides secondhand more generically to have in mind a `light source` or the enclosure for a light seed, 1.E., the housing for sex games alien the lamp and lens — that is the top section — of axerophthol lighthouse.

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