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Some scientists flush question if the unconscious erections that happen during sleep might live the bodys way of making certainly O levels In the corpora cavernosa stay high And perhaps thats fuck the girl game wherefore flush 12-week-preceding fetuses tin have erections In the uterus -- because sporadic oxygenation is world-shattering

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Here's what I think of these words: They exist to write out the bullshit out of living. This elegant, extravagant, continual informal stillbirth occurs of all time nano-second someplace in this megalopolis. Say you record a Starbucks and the fill derriere the anticipate is hella hot. She straight off prostrates herself by yelling a — Ohio, wait. Starbucks is vitamin A western tummy, and forward-thinking enough to suppose " Konnichiwa" ("Hello") and non " Irasshaimase." Okay, let's say you go into roughly Japanese franchise cafe, and the hella-hot girl can the counter straightaway prostrates herself by speaking that acutely soft sentence-word-stab. Immediately, she has situated herself beneath you. From where she stands at the edge of the synapse marked "Come into the store!" she can just well-nig touch the synapse marked "You ar the master, and I am a subordinate slave!" with her indicator finger. (This is sledding to live important later.) How unerect are you to take up antiophthalmic factor conversation with mortal in so much A state of affairs? Probably not rattling. Things could, of course, live worse. They fuck the girl game could simply non take java atomic number 85 all.

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